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USAIC has created an ecosystem committed to driving a global dialogue on BioPharma & Healthcare innovation, attracting a diverse mix of senior industry professionals and catalyzing partnerships, new ideas, networks and regulatory reform. This unique platform creates mutually beneficial opportunities and relationships for the global Life Sciences & Healthcare industry.

As a service to the BioPharma community in these unprecedented times, USAIC is offering Free Registration for its annual summit.
Registration is closed. Thanks for your overwhelming response. See you at 2021 summit- June 22. Marriott Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
17th Annual BioPharma & Healthcare Summit, Wednesday, May 3, 2023 - Virtual Meeting
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USAIC-BioCentury Polling Questions
Live polling will be open only during each panel for limited time. We suggest you read the Polling questions beforehand.

Polling Time (EST) Polling Topic
8:10 AM Oncology Panel

What is the next breakthrough technology in oncology?
  • NK cell therapies
  • Next-generation checkpoint targets
  • TCR-based therapies
  • Radiotherapies
  • Cancer vaccines
9:45 AM  Clinical Trials opportunities in India

Have recent clinical trial directives from the Indian Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) sufficiently progressed the landscape in India to meaningfully increase the number of clinical trials multinational BioPharma companies run in India?
  • Yes, Western biopharma companies are likely to conduct significantly more MRCTs in India given recent reforms.
  • No, major hurdles remain and Western biopharma companies are unlikely to conduct significantly more MRCTs in India until reforms progress further
10:35 AM Digital & Data Sciences Panel

Which of following is most likely to happen in the next ten years?
  • Developing world countries leapfrog the standard clinical trial model and go straight to a digital trials infrastructure
  • U.S. hospitals adopt standardized, intra-operable EHRs (electronic health records)
  • Countries with existing genomics databases, like the U.K., Israel and Scandinavian countries, will pool data to enable the development of –omics based precision medicine.
  •  None of the above
11:25 AM Pandemics: Where does the world go from here?

What area will the pandemic have the greatest positive impact on, going forward?
  • Creation of rapid and inexpensive central and home diagnostics for infectious diseases
  • Use of master protocols for trials
  • Creation of a large scale, global data sharing mechanism
  • Pre-creation of vaccines and therapeutics through Phase 2, ready to go into clinical trials
12:20 PM BioPharma Industry & Investment Outlook

When do you expect current market downturn to end?
  • By the end of 2022
  • Between 2023 - 2024
  • In 2025 or later
1:10 PM Rare Diseases Panel

What is the biggest hurdle for rare disease companies?
  • Creating pricing agreements to enable market access
  • Determining the disease’s natural history, defining endpoints and prioritizing treatment effects with that knowledge
  • Regulatory path for approval
  • Establishing relationships with patients or patient groups
2:00 PM R&D Strategies and Trends (Research and Development Heads)

Which area is most likely to see an increase in pharma activity in the next two years?
  • Obesity
  • Neuro-psychiatry
  • Infectious Diseases
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