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The USA-India Chamber of Commerce mission is to provide a pro-active & professional platform for high ranking policy makers, senior business executives, academicians, and investors in the United States and India to network, facilitate and promote trade, investments & economic cooperation. USAIC’s four point agenda is: Trade, Investment, Policy and Advocacy.
US-India BioPharma & Healthcare Summit, Friday, June 27, 2014

Strategy Sessions (By  invitation only)

Cardiovascular & Metabolic Diseases Strategy Session Co-Chairs
John L. Brooks, III Philip J. Larsen, MD, PhD Philip J. Larsen, MD, PhD
John L. Brooks III 
President & CEO
Joslin Diabetes Center
Daniel Bloomfield, MD
Cardiovascular Therapeutic Area Head
Merck Research Laboratories
Philip J. Larsen, MD, PhD
Global Head of Diabetes R&D
External R&D Strategies Session Co-Chairs
Sridaran Natesan, PhD Jeffrey S. Nye, MD, PhD Subir K. Basak B.E (Chemical), MS, PhD, MBA
Sridaran Natesan, PhD
Vice President- Strategic Initiatives & Scientific Relations
Jeffrey S. Nye, MD, PhD
Vice President
Neuroscience Innovation & Scientific Partnership Strategy
Johnson and Johnson Innovation
Subir K. Basak B.E (Chemical), PhD
President- Drug Discovery Services
Jubilant Life Sciences

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Emcee - Dr. Raju Kucherlapati, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

* Speakers and Timings subject to change
Time Topic
9-00 AM - 9-30 AM Registration and Networking
9-30 AM - 9-35 AM Welcome address by Karun Rishi, President, USA-India Chamber of Commerce
9-35 AM - 9-45 AM Opening comments by Master of Ceremonies - Dr. Raju Kucherlapati, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
9-45 AM - 10-10 AM Release of annual Position Paper by Advisory Board members

Presentation of USA-India Chamber of Commerce commissioned annual Position Paper by Dr. Ajay Dhankhar, Director, McKinsey & Company
10-10 AM - 10-40 AM Address by Professor K. VijayRaghavan, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India
10-40 AM - 11-30 AM Panel Discussion: Biologics and Biosimilars- How will the future landscape shape out and what are the key challenges to overcome?
  • John Cox, Executive Vice President- Pharma Operations, Biogen Idec
  • Dr. Richard Gregory, Head of R&D, Sanofi-Genzyme R&D Center
  • Dr. Mark Schenerman, VP- Analytical Biotechnology & Strategy, MedImmune
  • Rick Srigley, President & CEO, Aragen Bioscience
  • K.V. Subramaniam, President & CEO, Reliance Life Sciences
Thomas Saylor, Chief Executive Officer, Arecor Limited
11-30 AM -12-00 PM Networking & Tea Break
12-00 PM - 12-50 PM Panel Discussion: Industry-Academia Partnerships- Is there a recipe for successful partnerships?
  • Dr. Karen Antman, Dean and Provost, Boston University School of Medicine
  • Dr. Sumantra Chattarji, NCBS, Director- Center for Brain Development & Repair, India
  • Dr. Laurie Glimcher, Dean, Weill Cornell Medical College
  • Dr. Michael Rosenblatt, Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Merck & Co.
  • Dr. Lansing Taylor, Director, University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute
Dr. Dr. William Chin, Executive Vice President- Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, PhRMA
12-50 PM - 2-20 PM Luncheon Panel Discussion:  Reimagining India- Unlocking the potential of Asia’s next superpower
  • Dr. Yasheng Huang, Associate Dean and Professor, Sloan School of Management- MIT
  • Ambassador Dnyaneshwar Mulay, Consul General of India, New York
  • Dr. Prof. K. VijayRaghavan, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India
  • Dr. Srinath Reddy, President, Public Health Foundation of India
Adil Zainulbhai, Director Emeritus - India Office, McKinsey & Company
2-20 PM - 2-50 PM Networking & Tea Break
2-50 PM - 3-40 PM Panel Discussion: Drug Discovery and Collaborative Research- How can emerging markets play a greater role in BioPharma innovation?
  • Dr. Subir Basak, President- Global Drug Discovery Services, Jubilant Life Sciences
  • Dr. Bahija Jallal, Executive Vice President, MedImmune
  • Manni Kantipudi, Chief Executive Officer, GVK Biosciences
  • Dr. Andrew Plump, Deputy to the President of Global R&D, Sanofi
  • Dr. Tsutomu Une, Corporate Advisor, Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.
Dr. Martin Mackay, Exe. Vice President and Global Head of R&D, Alexion Pharmaceuticals
3-40 PM - 4-30 PM Panel Discussion: Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases- Science and research trends- Lessening the disease burden through BioPharma innovation
  • Dr. Caroline Apovian, Professor of Medicine, Section of Endocrinology, BUMC
  • Dr. Daniel Bloomfield, Vice President Clinical Research and  Cardiovascular Therapeutic Area Head, Merck Research Labs
  • John Brooks, President & CEO, Joslin Diabetes Center
  • Dr. Philip Larsen, Global Head of Diabetes R&D, Sanofi
  • Dr. Ming Wang, VP and Disease Area Leader of Diabetes, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Sri Mosur, President, Stabilis and Founder, Tanroe
4-30 PM - 5-00 PM Introduction to Dr. Robert Langer by: Dr. Sridaran Natesan, Vice President- Strategic Initiatives & Scientific Relations, Sanofi
Address by:
Dr. Robert Langer, David H. Koch Institute Professor, MIT
5-00 PM - 5-05 PM Closing remarks
5-05 PM - 6-30 PM Cocktails & Networking Reception
Please keep your cell phones in the silent mode

USA Indiachamber of Commerce Contact

US-India BioPharma & Healthcare Summit 2014
Date: Friday, June 27, 2014
Time: 9 AM to 7-00 PM
Location: Grand Ballroom, Marriott Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Networking Tea Breaks, Hosted Lunch, Cocktails & High Power Networking Reception

Master of Ceremonies (Emcee) Dr. Raju Kucherlapati, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

Address by: Dr. Robert Langer, Institute Professor, MIT

Address by: Prof. K VijayRaghavan, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, India*

Panel discussions:
  1. Biologics and Biosimilars: How will the future landscape shape out and what are the key challenges to overcome?
  2. Industry-Academia Partnerships: Is there a recipe for successful partnerships?
  3. Reimagining India: Unlocking the potential of Asia’s next superpower
  4. Drug Discovery and Collaborative Research: How can emerging markets play a greater role in BioPharma innovation?
  5. Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases: Science and research trends: Lessening the disease burden through BioPharma innovatio

Details on panel discussions

PANEL 1: Biologics & Biosimilars: how will the future landscape shape out and what are the key challenges to overcome?

Biologics, in its different product category manifestations, help treat a wide array of diseases that inflict mankind. In 2013, 7 of the top 10 selling drugs in the world were biologics. Within this domain, biosimilars represent an opportunity for many countries and companies in meeting healthcare need, product range expansion and growth aspirations. The US has been waiting for the first major of wave of biosimilars since the passage of legislation in 2010. That is expected to change in the next 2-3 years as analysts expect the approval of biosimilars in major categories: basal insulin, anti-TNFs and select oncology indications.

However, the road to success in biologics is long and arduous. Very long gestation period to commercialization, capital intensity, constantly evolving new science-based understanding of diseases and proteins, different regulatory pathway from small molecules, affordability and limited set of science, manufacturing and quality professionals are major challenges. As for biosimilars, formidable competition from innovators, obscure regulatory pathway and knowledge gaps among medical practitioners, especially in developing countries, add to the challenge set. So much that many developing countries industry observers and investors regularly take a dim view of the future of biologics.

Despite these deterrents in the face of a large opportunity, some countries and companies are not only steadfastly engaged in biosimilars, but also in novel proteins research.
Key areas of discussion:
  1. Is there a future for biologics and biosimilars?
  2. What motivates countries and companies engaged in this space?
  3. What are the opportunities for investors?
  4. Are there any new challenges lurking in the corner?
  5. How are regulators coping up?
  6. In the final analysis, who will win and who will fall by the wayside?
PANEL 2: Industry-Academia Partnerships: Is there a recipe for successful partnerships?

In the past few years there has been a significant expansion of collaborations between BioPharma companies and academic institutions. Academic institutions and the basic and applied research that they conduct are the foundation for innovative industries such as BioPharma. Further, academic institutions are increasingly dependent on sources of funding beyond the traditional government sources which have slowed of late. As large, multi-year and highly visible partnerships with academia become a critical part of pharma research strategy, it is important to take a step back and make an interim assessment of the effectiveness of different types of collaboration models. This panel will review the types of collaboration models that have been deployed and will seek to understand the key success factors for these partnerships. Additionally, this panel will explore opportunities for academic institutions in India and similar countries to play a greater role in BioPharma research collaborations.

Key areas of discussion:
  1. Have industry-academic partnerships worked?
  2. What are the key success factors for these partnerships?
  3. What are examples of new and innovative partnership models?
  4. What are the lessons learned for India?
  5. What opportunities exist for BioPharma to partner with academic institutions in India? What could be done to expand the scope and accelerate the pace of such partnerships?
  6. What role can each stakeholder play to further build and strengthen partnerships?
PANEL 3: Reimagining India Unlocking the potential of Asia’s next superpower

India is "rising" and "shining" but is it doing so as quickly or as brightly as it should? Over the next decade, India has an opportunity to show the rest of the developing world how democratic societies can achieve growth and prosperity. The election of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister serves as a testament to this opportunity, with the participation of 537 million voters ushering the excitement of "a new era" for India. What is the nation's true potential, and what can be done to further harness it? McKinsey's Reimagining India: Unlocking the Potential of Asia's Next Superpower, is a seminal new book with an all-star cast of contributors, including CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Mukesh Ambani, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Muhtar Kent, and others. The book and this panel event will offer an inside-out and outside-in perspective on how an alternative, emerging market economic model like India's can achieve high growth, while prospering and innovating in sectors like healthcare and the economy.

Key areas of discussion:
  1. What is the impact in general and on BioPharma in particular of the changing political landscape with the recent election of Narendra Modi?
  2. What are some of the challenges that the country still needs to address as it moves towards becoming a global power?
  3. What policies can the government undertake to demonstrate its commitment to making India a bigger player in BioPharma innovation?
  4. What is India’s true potential, and what can be done to unlock it?
  5. What are some of the areas of innovation in India that the global community can follow?
PANEL 4: Drug Discovery and Collaborative Research: How can emerging markets play a greater role in BioPharma innovation?

In the recent past, there have been encouraging signs of highly innovative new medicines in development or recently approved. In fact, the number of new molecular entities approved by the US FDA a crude but easily observable metric of BioPharma productivity hit its highest level in a decade in 2012. Whether this burst of approvals is a leading measure of increased innovative activity in the pharmaceutical industry and sufficient to reverse the R&D productivity declines since around the turn of the century remains to be seen. Concurrently, we are seeing in more investment earlier in the innovation cycle with a major biotech funding boom well underway. Not surprisingly, these investments have been heavily focused on companies in developed markets, particularly the United States. How will companies and institutions in emerging markets become more relevant for BioPharma innovation? This panel will seek to diagnose current global challenges and then surface ideas for enhancing the role of emerging markets in BioPharma innovation.

Key areas of discussion:
  1. How would you characterize the recent increase of innovative BioPharma activity? What have been the key drivers of the increased levels of innovation?
  2. What role has new models for drug discovery and collaborative research played? What are examples that have worked well and have contributed to enhanced innovation?
  3. Why have India and other emerging markets struggled to find a significant role in global BioPharma innovation? What opportunities are there to overcome these challenges?
  4. What will it take for MNCs to do more innovative R&D in countries such as India?
PANEL 5: Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases: Science and research trends: lessening the global disease burden through BioPharma innovation

Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (CVMD) are a leading cause of death and morbidity around the world. Within CVMD, the prevalence of certain diseases continues to grow rapidly. For example, there are over 380 million people living with type 2 diabetes today, and by some estimates this number could grow to 600 million in the next 20 years. For many diseases within CVMD therapeutic options exist, but there is still significant unmet need. Further as our understanding of the disease biology increases, it is apparent that there is significant heterogeneity within disease states. This, combined with the fact that multiple drug classes exist for certain diseases (e.g., hypertension, diabetes), create opportunities for more personalized treatment approaches. These trends are expected to have very significant implications on drug development strategies as well as treatment paradigms globally. India, with over 1.3 billion people, bears a significant burden of disease from CVMD. With a large treatment nave patient pool, established IT and analytic capabilities, countries like India can potentially play an important role in the CVMD innovation landscape. This panel will discuss key trends in research, dug development and treatment paradigms in CVMD and the potential to drive more relevant research from emerging markets such as India.

Key areas of discussion:
  1. What is the disease burden of CVMD? How significant is the economic impact on CVMD on economies throughout the world (e.g., through reduced productivity)?
  2. What are the new trends in CVMD research? How is genomics shaping our understanding of CVMD?
  3. How is this knowledge influencing CVMD drug development globally?
  4. How is this information shaping the treatment of CVMD patients? What is the role of personalized medicine in CVMD for developed and emerging markets?
  5. What opportunities are there for India and other emerging markets to play a bigger role in CVMD innovative research?
  6. What role can government, industry and academia play to increase the relevance and volume of research output in emerging technologies?

* Program subject to change

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Some of the Speakers

Dr. Martin Mackay Dr. Michael Rosenblatt Heramb R. Hajarnavis K.V. Subramaniam Andrew S. Plunp
Dr. Martin Mackay
EVP, Global Head of R&D
Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Michael Rosenblatt
Exe Vice President & CMO
Merck & Co.
Prof. K. Vijay Raghavan* Secretary Department of Biotechnology Prof. Robert S. Langer
David H. Koch Institute Professor, MIT
Andrew Plump, MD, PhD
Deputy to the President of Global R&D, Sanofi
Bahija Jallal Laurie H. Glimcher Tsutomu Une K.V. Subramaniam William W. Chin
Bahija Jallal, PhD
Executive Vice President
Laurie Glimcher, MD
Weill Cornell Medical College
Tsutomu Une, PhD
Corporate Advisor
Daiichi Sankyo
K.V. Subramaniam
President & CEO
Reliance Life Sciences
William Chin, MD
Executive Vice President
Caroline Apovian, MD John G. Cox Raju Kucherlapati Philip J. Larsen, MD, PhD Manni Kantipudi
Caroline Apovian, MD
Professor of Medicine
Section of Endocrinology
BU School of Medicine
John G. Cox
Executive Vice President
Biogen Idec
Dr. Raju Kucherlapati
Paul C. Cabot Professor
Department of Genetics
Harvard Medical School
Philip J. Larsen, MD, PhD
Global Head of Diabetes R&D
Manni Kantipudi
Chief Executive Officer
GVK Biosciences
Dr. Ming Wang Adil Zainulbhai Sridaran Natesan Daniel Bloomfield Subir K. Basak
Dr. Ming Wang
Vice President and Disease Area Leader of Diabetes
Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Adil Zainulbhai
Director Emeritus - India
McKinsey & Company
Sridaran Natesan, PhD
VP - Strategic Initiatives & Scientific Relations
Daniel Bloomfield, MD
Cardiovascular Therapeutic Area Head
Merck Research Laboratories
Subir Basak, PhD
President - DDS
Jubilant Life Sciences
Richard Gregory Karen H. Antman Rick Srigley Yasheng Huang John L. Brooks
Richard Gregory, PhD
Head of R&D
Sanofi-Genzyme R&D Center
Ajay Dhankhar, PhD
McKinsey and Company
Rick Srigley
President & CEO
Aragen Bioscience
Yasheng Huang, PhD
Associate Dean and Professor
Sloan School of Management (MIT)
John L. Brooks III
President & CEO
Joslin Diabetes Center
Mark Schenerman D. Lansing Taylor Thomas Reese Saylor Prof. K. Srinath Reddy Karen H. Antman
Mark Schenerman, PhD
Vice President - Analytical Biotechnology & Strategy
D. Lansing Taylor, PhD
Director of the University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute
Thomas Reese Saylor
Chief Executive Officer
Arecor Limited
Prof. K. Srinath Reddy
Public Health Foundation of India
Dr. Karen H. Antman
Dean & Provost Boston Univ School of Medicine
Jeffrey S. Nye, MD, PhD Sridhar Mosur Sumantra Chattarji, PhD Ambassador D M Mulay  
Jeffrey S. Nye, MD, PhD
Vice President
Neuroscience Innovation & Scientific Partnership Strategy
Johnson and Johnson Innovation
Sridhar Mosur
Stabilis, Inc.
Sumantra Chattarji, PhD
Ambassador D M Mulay
Consul General of India
* Speakers and Program subject to change


USA Indiachamber of Commerce Contact


USA India Chamber of Commerce has created a BioPharma ecosystem where all stakeholders: Industry, Academia, Investors and Policy Makers meet to learn, share, deliberate and network. This unique platform creates mutually beneficial opportunities and relationships for the global BioPharma industry.

USAIC’s annual BioPharma & Healthcare Summit has become THE BioPharma event in the world for senior executives focused on Drug Discovery & Development, Partnering, Licensing, External Research, Translational Research, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Innovation and Emerging Markets.

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USA Indiachamber of Commerce Contact

  • Annual high profile summit of established and emerging BioPharma, Medical Devices, Healthcare companies, Venture Capitalists, Policy Makers and Academia from the US, Europe and India
  • Annual R&D spend of just the Advisory Board members in excess of $25 billion
  • THE Bio Pharma event in the world focused on BioPharma, Medical Devices and Healthcare
  • 5+ Networking Opportunities with Industry Leaders, Investors, Academicians and Policy Makers
  • Release of USA-India Chamber of Commerce commissioned McKinsey & Company Position Paper
  • Maximize collaborations with the world’s leading collaborators
  • Learn about new models in R&D, partnering and commercial models - DIRECTLY from major implementers
  • Meet & Network with the top global industry thought leaders, investors, academicians and policy makers at one location
  • Business insights from the industry’s top thought leaders and decision makers
  • Annual summit provides continuity and results by bringing all stakeholders together
  • An ideal platform to Learn Share Network and Benefit
  • A forum open only to senior executives

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USA Indiachamber of Commerce Contact

Hyatt Regency Cambridge Venue

Boston Marriott Cambridge
Two Cambridge Center
50 Broadway
Massachusetts 02142 USA
Tel : 617 494-6600

Marriott Cambridge hotel in Kendall Square is centrally located and offers easy, quick access to downtown Boston. Situated near the scenic Charles River, the Marriott Cambridge is just minutes away from Harvard University, MIT and Boston University. Located near Massachusetts General Hospital, this hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts is easily accessible from Boston Logan Airport, I-93 and the subway.
Limited number of rooms have been held at the Marriott Cambridge at the Summit room rate of $239 plus applicable taxes.
The rate includes In Room Internet.
Room block is available for June 25 - June 28                                      
Rooms are issued on a first come first served basis and available until June 10, 2014. All reservations must be made individually online or by telephone for Marriott Cambridge Hotel.
or call 1(800) 228-9290. Please tell the operator about the USA-India Chamber of Commerce Room Block Code : HIN

  • Valet parking, fee: 35 USD daily
  • Off-site parking, fee: 30 USD daily

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USA Indiachamber of Commerce Contact

Registration closed/ Has reached full capacity. 
Thanks for your overwhelming response. 

No walk-ins or at the door registration.

Summit open only to Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs, VCs, Investment Bankers, Private Equity Firms, Academia and Policy makers in the Life Sciences industry (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices and Healthcare).

Restricted entry for Service firms, Sales personnel and Consultants. USA-India Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to decline any registration without assigning any reason

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USA Indiachamber of Commerce Contact

Dr. Jitendra Singh Prof. K. Vijay Raghavan
Dr. Jitendra Singh
Minister of State (IC) for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences
Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office and
Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Government of India
Prof. K. Vijay Raghavan
Department of Biotechnology
Message from Srikant K Jena Message from Srikant K Jena
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USA Indiachamber of Commerce Contact

Participants comments  

Dr. Paul Stoffels, Group Chairman of Global Pharma and Chief Scientific Officer, Johnson & Johnson
I would like to thank you for the exceptional successful meeting yesterday in Cambridge. 
Me and my team made a significant number of new contacts. We will start working on all of the follow ups.  I look forward to a continued participation in your organization.

Dr. Elias Zerhouni, President, Global R&D, Sanofi
I really want to do this (participate in the USAIC summit). USAIC initiatives are really very critical for the industry!

Dr. Martin Mackay, Executive Vice President- Global R&D, Alexion Pharmaceuticals
This is a terrific meeting. It has really been incredible to watch the summit grow and actually thrive now. The meeting is well oversubscribed. We had to turn away over hundred people. Although we call this meeting US India, diseases know no boundaries. It is going to make a global impact on things we work and decide on today at the summit.

Dr. G.N. Singh, Drug Controller General of India, Central Drug Control Organization
Thank you for all your kind support in making the deliberations fruitful. I mentioned the outcome to Shri Desiraju ji our Health Secretary. He was very happy. With regards and best wishes to your team for their tireless efforts in making this summit successful.

Dr. William Chin, Executive Vice President- Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, PhRMA
This summit is a terrific meeting. It is an essential meeting to have a forum that allows all of us from different sectors- government, industry, academia, investors and patient groups to think deeply about how we can really use this ecosystem to do a lot better; How do we create new drugs, devices, diagnostics for our patients in a faster more efficient effective way.

Hari S Bhartia, Co - Chairman & Managing Director, Jubilant Life Sciences
For the last five years, I have observed the annual US-India BioPharma & Healthcare Summit play a significant role in forging partnerships between the global BioPharma and Indian companies.  USAIC has been able to involve and engage Global BioPharma R&D leaders and key stakeholders to foster innovation. These interactions have led to innovative business ideas, new partnerships and business.

Dr. Mikael Dolsten, President Worldwide R&D, Pfizer
Biopharma and biotech companies have a strong interest in the continued growth of India’s innovative drug research industry – to improve public health in India and the world.  Pfizer has a global network of academic alliances and strategic partnerships, including collaborations with several Indian Biopharma companies and CROs, to accelerate our delivery of differentiated medicines.  This summit, organized by the USA-India Chamber of Commerce, by connecting companies with high quality drug designers and developers in India, is valuable to the industry and to patients.

Dr. Michael Rosenblatt, Executive Vice President & CMO, Merck & Co.
I write to congratulate you on a most successful USA-India conference. The presentations and panel discussions were excellent, as was the networking. I look forward to next year’s meeting.

Dr. Ramesh Deka, Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Many thanks. It was indeed a big success of your initiative with the US India BioPharma Summit on the collaborative health care.

Dr. Willard Dere, Senior Vice President & International CMO, Amgen 
Others stated it very clearly yesterday, and I wish to reiterate it by email. Thank you for your tremendous work in fostering closer collaboration and true partnership.  I found the meeting to be energizing, fun, and useful.  I know it takes hundreds/thousands of hours of preparation, and I appreciate your dedication and commitment to a higher cause.

Dr. John Leonard, Senior Vice President Pharma R&D, AbbVie 
As the pharmaceutical industry continues to globalize, forums such as USAIC’s US-India BioPharma & Healthcare Summit are very valuable to fully realize the Research and Development potential both in India and working with Indian companies. 

Peter Mueller, PhD; Executive Vice President, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
You did a fantastic job!!! It's a pleasure to work with you and see the summit grow year by year! 

Dr. Ivan Gergel, Executive Vice President R&D, Endo Pharmaceuticals
I thought that the summit was a great success. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it,

Prof. Nirmal K. Ganguly, Chairman JIPMER
Thank you very much for inviting me to attend the US-India BioPharma & Healthcare Summit 2011. It is one of the best which I have ever attended. Please accept my congratulations.

K.V. SubramaniamPresident & CEO, Reliance Life Sciences 
The innovation-driven ecosystem fostered by the USA-India Chamber of Commerce has led to meaningful research and technology partnerships between global and Indian companies. I have been involved with this platform for the last few years and it is a great feeling to see it evolve as the Summit of Choice for global research and technology leaders and investors..

Davinder Brar, Chairman, GVK Bio Sciences
The Summit was a resounding success and this one event will add much more to the furtherance of US– India business than many of the delegations which are undertaken for the same purpose.

The quality of scientific talent assembled by you was superb and I still wonder how you manage to pull off such a thing !!! It is rare to see heads of global pharma companies come together for a common cause in such large numbers. Overall the setting was excellent, attendance impressive and the quality of discussions very thought provoking. The party was refreshingly energetic till the late evening. Once again thanks for all your unceasing efforts.

Alpna Seth, PhD; Vice President, Biogen Idec
Just wanted to say congratulations for organizing and executing an outstanding meeting- in every way- content, participants, speakers, logistics, overall set up. Really a great job done by you and your staff. 

Ansbert Gadicke, Managing Director, MPM Capital
Thank you for including me. The event was spectacular, I am deeply impressed by what you have been able to put together!

David Farb, Professor and Chair of Pharmacology, Boston University School of Medicine
Many thanks for organizing such a fascinating summit meeting. I found the breakfast session and panel discussions thought provoking as they illustrated great opportunities for biomedical science industrialization within India.

Debasish Roychowdhury, MD; Chief Oncology Officer, Sanofi
Karun –congratulations on a very good conference. You have the magic touch –getting people together and giving them a safe harbor for open discussions. I was also very fortunate to be in the audience to hear Dr. Bhan. What an inspirational speech – I would love to hear it again and again and get the inspiration.

Sri Mosur, CEO GDDD, Jubilant Life Sciences
As Merv Turner, put it, we did entertain the audience as well as educate them on the dynamics of the industry. 
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a distinguished forum, I truly enjoyed the very open interactions. I look forward to the next meeting as well as personal interactions during the course of our professional endeavors.

Karun, thanks for pulling together a wonderful show.. it can only get better going forward…

Glenn Kazo, President, Prolong Pharmaceuticals
I want to sincerely thank you for inviting me to US-India BioPharma Summit and specifically for suggesting my participation on the External R&D Strategy Session.  I was very pleased with the high quality of the meeting and the candid discussions among attendees.  This was much more than a US-India conference, it covered the entire gamut of global pharmaceutical issues, opportunities and challenges in a very productive and intense 1 day meeting.  Thank you for inviting me and I look forward to participating in future meetings.   

Barry Mangum, PharmD, FCP; Director Clinical Pharmacology, Duke Clinical Research
I found the Boston meeting one of the best conferences of my year. Your organizational skill was excellent and found the content most informative. 

James Thomas, Co-founder & Partner, Thomas, McNerney & Partners
Thanks to you and your team for an excellent day and evening yesterday. I found the meeting very helpful and enjoyable. 

Joshua Berlin, Executive Editor, Elsevier Business Intelligence
We wanted to thank you again for inviting us to participate last week in such a great event. The discussion was of the highest caliber, and gave us much food for thought.

Richard Connell, PhD; Vice President, Pfizer
It was a stimulating event and I think everyone enjoyed the opportunity to discuss and debate new ways to frame and address the key issues of people, productivity, innovation and risk.

Senior Vice President R&D, Amgen
I wanted to drop you a short note to thank for such a wonderful meeting. The content and networking opportunity were beyond any expectation that I had going into the experience. Over the past several days I have reviewed the Position Paper and think that it is a tremendous contemporary analysis of the business. 
Finally, I really appreciated the dinner and all of the toasts that were exchanged with dessert. What a collegial group of professionals!

Dean, Tufts University School of Medicine
I thought the meeting was a great success and I was honored to be part of it. As a result of the meeting, we made some important contacts with both the Indian government and a number of companies. These contacts have the potential to help Tufts achieve several of our objectives.

I very much appreciate all the efforts you have made.

Ramesh Kumar, CEO, Onconova
I greatly benefited from attending this conference. The program was well organized.

Chief of Staff to the President, Pfizer Global R&D
Many thanks Karun. Super summit yesterday. You out did yourself once again this year - it was a fabulous agenda and a lot of super discussions.

Jay Knowles, Head-Platforms, Strategic Alliances, Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research
Many thanks for inviting me to your conference today. It was definitely rewarding and gave me great hope for the long-term future of India.

Tom D’Ambra, Chairman & CEO, AMRI
Congratulations on another successful USA-India Chamber of Commerce event. I enjoyed seeing you again, and really appreciated the networking opportunities you facilitated. Thank you for involving me and AMRI in the event.

John Reynders, Chief Information Officer, Moderna Therapeutics
Thank you so much for inviting me to the US-India BioPharma Summit - it was a wonderful event! I also very much appreciated being part of the R&D breakfast discussion where I had the opportunity to share AstraZeneca's experience in creating the virtual neuroscience team. It was very impressive the many distinguished guests you brought together to the summit.
Suri Venkatachalam, PhD, CEO & Managing Director, Connexios Life Sciences
Congratulations once again for organizing such a wonderful event. Many thanks for inviting me. I truly enjoyed the event.

Jeff Elton, Chairman, KEW Group
I had fun and benefitted from the meeting as always 

Sidhant, Founder & CEO, Sana Care (Start up Company)
Thanks for inviting me to the conference. It was amazing with great panels and people. I met Amar, Kiran and Dr. Bhan and will follow-up with them. Hopefully, things will work out.

Ira M. Herman, PhD, Professor and Director, Tufts University School of Medicine
Congratulations on a wonderful day.. on every level!! I look forward to our continued workings together...

Grannum R. Sant, MD, FRCS, FACS; Vice President, Genzyme
Outstanding meeting yesterday and congratulations on your organization and execution! All your hard work and planning bore fruit.

Thanks again for extending the invitation to me– I learnt a lot and also had an opportunity to network with the movers and shakers (both US and India). Bill Chin did an excellent job as emcee and all the panel discussions were informative, cutting-edge and relevant.

Dr. Mehul Mehta, Chief Strategy Officer, Partners Harvard Medical International
I want to compliment you on a really terrific & high-caliber meeting. Thank you for inviting me. The level of the discussions was superb and the organization was superb.

Santosh Vetticaden, PhD, MD; Chief Medical Officer, Cubist
Kudos on an organizing and conducting very nice Summit. I enjoyed attending the meeting and it was good to meet you although briefly.

L J Botticelli, PhD; Chief Business Officer, School of Medicine & University Advancement, Tufts University
I write to congratulate you on a highly successful Summit. To be sure, I found it most productive and of particular value to our efforts at the Tufts Institute for Biopharmaceutical Partnerships.

Too, thank you very much for the opportunity to actively participate in the Industry-Academic Partnership Strategy Session. I enjoyed the discussion and appreciated the varied perspectives to forming innovative global partnerships. Moreover, it confirmed - straightaway - the Tufts strategy to engage proactively in our 'pharma arbitrage' approach. The networking which followed was beneficial. Again, many thanks. I look forward to participating again, next year.

Sourav Basu, Vice President, TCG Life Sciences 
I am attending the meeting for past 3 years now and see a high value in this wonderful summit. Looking forward to the next summit.

R.K. Suri, Chief Executive- Biologicals, Panacea Biotec
At the outset I must thank you for organizing such an eventful meeting of this scale and ensuring presence of who’s who in Boston. Both Sumit Jain and myself are highly appreciative of the personal care taken by you for this mammoth task. High quality meeting indeed! 

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